Sarti in Sithonia: Explore this Beautiful Seaside Village

A beach with crystal clear waters near Sarti in Sithonia

Sarti in Sithonia is one of the most beautiful beach towns in northern Greece with plenty of nearby magical beaches for excursions on the hot summer days. The history of Sarti is rich and dates back to ancient times. The history of Sarti derives from Thucydides and Herodotus and has gone through various settlements and conquests. Sarti has experienced the era of the ancient Greeks, the Roman period, the Byzantine rule, the conquest by the Venetians, the Ottoman rule and its final inclusion in the Greek state in the 20th century where it was inhabited by refugees from Turkey. 

Today, Sarti emerges as a destination that combines the unique beauty of nature, as the visitor can enjoy the harmony between mountains and the sea. The crystal clear turquoise waters, endless white sand beaches and azure lakes impress every visitor, while the picturesque cliffs that surround them add a unique charm. In Sarti, you can create unforgettable memories and invest in activities such as surfing, water skiing, fishing or even a leisurely boat ride to explore the surrounding beaches.

How to Spend your Vacation in Sarti in Sithonia during Summer

Cruise in Agio Oros (Mount Athos)

A panoramic view of a cruise to Holy Mountain in Athos

Visitors of Sarti can embark on a cruise journey from Sarti to Mount Athos, uncovering the extraordinary UNESCO site. As the vessel progresses towards the Holy Mount, travelers find themselves immersed in the captivating allure of the Aegean Sea and Sithonia. Guests can relish in the breathtaking coastlines and pristine azure waters of the region. Upon arrival at Mount Athos, a mystical and historically significant enclave, visitors are invited to delve into the monasteries, ancient sanctuaries, and picturesque landscapes that envelop this remote haven. A cruise excursion from Sarti to Mount Athos presents a distinctive blend of exploration and spiritual enrichment.

Sea Sports

Sea sports in Sarti

If you are a fan of sea sports and love not only swimming at the sea but also exploring the bottom of the sea, then Sarti in Sithonia is the ideal place for you and your friends to enjoy sea activities ! Here you will enjoy water sports such as water skiing, surfing, fishing and boat trips to the nearby beaches. There are many gorgeous beaches to explore near Sarti in Sithonia with clear waters and white sand with rocks.

Kavourotripes Beach

Kavourotripes beach near Sarti in Sithonia with a sculpted rock as a mermaid

Just some kilometers north of Sarti in Sithonia lies a series of beaches stretched along a coastline extending over 5 kilometers, seamlessly blending with the renowned Platanitsi beach. This collective of beaches, affectionately dubbed as Kavourotripes meaning Crab Holes, presents a serene panorama of unparalleled charm, resembling an open-air exhibition of sculptures. The mesmerizing azure waters opposed against the backdrop of Mount Athos contribute to the ethereal beauty of the landscape. A visit to Kavourotrypes beach promises an unforgettable experience amidst some of Sithonia’s most picturesque scenery. Don’t miss the opportunity to bask in the allure of this coastal gem, renowned for its crystalline waters and stunning rock formations, making it a perennial favorite among visitors and a sought-after photography spot.


Two men and three women enjoying their drinks in a beach bar

For your entertainment in Sarti you will find several entertainment establishments such as restaurants, Greek traditional taverns, cafes and bars. Sithonia’s nightlife and general Halkidiki  has dozens of restaurants, traditional, simple but also luxurious, where you can taste whatever food you want. For your stay in the cities and various regions of Sithonia you can book a place of various categories and types, which can satisfy the requirements of the guests, for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. You will find wonderful accommodation in Sithonia  options such as apartments and villas to rent, of all categories and with a variety of prices and places in Sithonia, cosmopolitan or quiet.

Try Local Products of Sithonia

Two shots of tsipouro a greek traditional alcoholic drink served with fish

If you are spending your vacation in Sithonia then you should try some of the delicious local products. Sithonia is known for producing high-quality olive oil, thanks to its favorable climate and olive groves that dot the landscape as well as honey.. Sithonia is full of pine trees so the production of exquisite pine honey and thyme honey, prized for their distinct flavors and medicinal properties. Sithonia’s vineyards yield excellent wine varieties, such as Assyrtiko, Malagousia, and Xinomavro, reflecting the unique terroir of the region. With its extensive coastline, Sithonia also offers an abundance of fresh seafood, including octopus, squid, mussels, and a variety of fish, enjoyed in traditional Greek dishes like grilled octopus and seafood risotto.

Sarti in Sithonia has about 1000 inhabitants. However, during the summertime,  due to the intense tourist traffic, it shows a rapid increase that reaches a population of 15,000 to 20,000 thousand people.