Halkidiki : Must-Visit Places You Can’t Miss

Panoramic view of a beach in Sithonia Halkidiki

Halkidiki might not be widely known to tourists as a summer destination compared to the plethora of Greek islands, however some of the most beautiful beaches are located in the peninsula of Halkidiki. Among Greek people, Halkidiki is a popular holiday destination in Northern Greece. The area of Halkidiki consists of three peninsulas, Kassandra Peninsula, Sithonia and peninsula of Athos. All of them are facing the Aegean Sea. The shape of these three resembles a trident. Green forests of pine trees stretch down to the coastline, where the golden sunlight casts a radiant glow upon the turquoise waters. Along these expansive and dynamic shores lie remarkable archaeological sites, renowned Christian landmarks, hidden natural marvels and impressive architecture. All contributing to the multifaceted character of Halkidiki. 

Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki

Kassandra, the first peninsula of Halkidiki, is considered to be the most touristic of all three and is famous for its resorts. If you like to spend your warm days at the beach sunbathing and nights dancing and having fun with friends, then Kassandra is the place you will like best. There are many places you can visit across the coastline in Kassandra and many beaches to choose from and villages to visit. Here are some recommendations on which places to visit.


Possidi is a coastline village in the southwest of Kassandra, Halkidiki that inherited its name from the Greek god “Poseidon”. What is worth seeing is the ruins of the ancient sanctuary in Mende dedicated to God “Poseidon” and the lighthouse, the only building at the edge of the Possidi cape, built in 1863 while gazing at the view. The ruins of the ancient city of Mende can be found in the area, dating back to the 8th century BC.  Also, Possidi beach has gained a lot of popularity among Greek people and tourists. At Possidi beach you will find a lot of beach bars to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal clear waters as well as a lot of greek restaurants to try the Mediterranean cuisine.



Pefkohori is another famous destination in Halkidiki and is one of the most developed areas in Kassandra. The name Pefkohori means “the land of pine trees”. Pefkohori features a rich nightlife with music bars and nightclubs, taverns that offer greek specialities and many beautiful sand beaches surrounded by olive groves and plantations, and pine forests. Also, there are many traditional Greek coffee shops in the old square of Pefkohori. You know what that means? It’s your chance to try Greek coffee!

Traditional Villages of Arnaia and Afitos

Arnaia Village in Halkidiki

Two different villages in Halkidiki, each with its own traditions. They stand out due to its cobblestones, traditional Macedonian architecture, restoration projects and museums. Their beauty will take you back to village life of another age. The beautiful and colorful houses of Arnaia in combination with the beautiful orthodox churches make a warm atmosphere. There are many traditional local products such as goat cheese, yogurt, honey and many more that you can try. Afitos on the other hand, is a village built on a hill above the coast and therefore has a breathtaking view of Toroneos gulfMost houses are built of stone with amazing architecture. 

Sithonia Peninsula of Halkidiki

Beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki

Renowned for its pristine beaches, Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki boasts some of the clearest sea waters in the Mediterranean, inviting people to bask in the sun or indulge in water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and sailing. Beyond its coastline, Sithonia’s rugged landscape is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and exploring hidden coves and lush forests. History buffs will find intrigue in the region’s rich cultural heritage, with ancient ruins and traditional villages dotted throughout the countryside. Sithonia is best for families as beaches have really shallow and clean waters. Also, it is ideal for people who seek relaxation on their holidays while they are up to some adventure and exploration.

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras in Sithonia

Neos Marmaras stands out as one of the most renowned spots across not only Sithonia but the entire Halkidiki. Neos Marmaras is one of the largest villages in Sithonia with a population of 3000 residents.  It was established in 1925 by refugees from Marmaras island following the population exchange agreement with Turkey.  During the warm months of the year, this tranquil village undergoes a metamorphosis into a bustling cosmopolitan hub, welcoming tourists that swell its population to approximately 20,000 people. The reason why neos marmaras is so famous is because of its unique beaches with crystal clear waters and gold sand. There are organized beaches, which means that there are beach bars where you can unwind under the shade of an umbrella. Moreover, there are many taverns near the coast where you can enjoy greek food while feeling the summer breeze with salty air. Also, the architecture of the houses is admirable!

Enjoy the Crystal-Clear Waters of Beaches

A majestic beach of diaporos island in sithonia

Sithonia stands out from the other two peninsulas for the heavenly beaches with turquoise waters. Sithonia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. A blue lagoon is located on Diaporos island which is accessible from Vourvourou. Some beaches that should be on your list when you visit Sithonia are Kavourotripes, Elia beach, paradeisos beach and Sarti. However there are many more beaches worth seeing and swimming. Every beach is stunning with the combination of the pine trees coming into the sandy shores. There are many accommodation options in Sithonia such as villas or apartments with an amazing view of the sea. Diving enthusiasts can embark on a memorable journey in Sithonia, encountering its breathtaking underwater marvels. Featuring a rich variety of marine life, Sithonia hosts some of Greece’s most exceptional scuba diving locations.

Visit Traditional Villages of Nikiti and Parthenonas in Halkidiki

Parthenonas village in Sithonia

Nikiti stands as a top destination in Sithonia, drawing Greek and international tourists. The town is divided into two distinct sections: the old and the new Nikiti. The ancient quarter, believed to have been constructed by monks, may explain the exquisite stone buildings with timeless courtyards and wooden balconies. In contrast, the newer part seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary architectural styles. Additionally, Nikiti boasts a sprawling beach that offers visitors a plethora of amenities and activities, including snorkeling and camping opportunities. On the other hand, Parthenonas, a historical mountain village near Neos Marmaras, presents a breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Olympus and Kelyfos Island. Despite its abandonment until two decades ago, many of Parthenonas’ old stone houses have undergone restoration. Within this charming village, traditional taverns serve up local delicacies, adding to its allure.

Athos Peninsula of Halkidiki

Mount Athos Monastery on a mountain

Athos peninsula is a little bit different from the other two peninsulas of Halkidiki. Mount Athos in Halkidiki  is a site of a semi autonomous republic of Greek Orthodox monks inhabiting 20 monasteries and dependencies. The capital and only town of the subdivision is Karyaes. Mount Athos was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.


the Byzantine tower of Prosforios in Mount Athos

Ouranoupolis stands as one of Mount Athos’s popular destinations, boasting many attractions and points of interest. One highlight is the Byzantine tower of Prosforios, a historic edifice erected in the 14th century. Its strategic location adjacent to the harbor means visitors can easily find numerous taverns and cafes nearby. Across from Ouranoupolis lie the enchanting islands of Ammouliani and Drenia. It’s a must to seize the opportunity to rent a boat from Ouranoupolis for a brief excursion to these stunning islands, where you can relish in the tranquility of their crystal-clear waters. Not far from Nea Roda, you’ll discover the picturesque Komida Beach, nestled amidst pine trees with a scenic hillside backdrop. Here, beachgoers can avail themselves of amenities such as a bar, playgrounds, and taverns. Additionally, a portion of Komitsa Beach remains untouched, offering a rugged and unspoiled experience.