Trani Ammouda beach, Livrohio

Livrohio Beach is the main Ormos Panagias beach just north of the village. This beach is a long and wide strip of fine sand that has been given the status as a “Blue Flag” beach. If it is quiet that you are looking for you will have no problem finding it on Trani Ammouda.This beach probably has one of the largest sand surface areas in all of Sithonia and perhaps Halkidiki.

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There is some organization with a few beach bars that have sun-beds and umbrellas, but these are spaced far enough apart so they won’t bother those seeking quietude. Since most of the accommodation options are small studios, this beach will never see crowds.

The sand is fine and there is lots of it. The water is shallow with a sandy bottom that makes it a perfect destination for families with children. Normally the water is calm, but can have waves it there is a wind.

Karidi beach

Karidi beach has its main beach and a second beach to the south. These beaches are real magnets for tourists in the summer and one of Sithonia’s most sought after beaches. Photogenic Karidi is often in websites and magazines as a picture to lure you to Sithonia’s fantastic gems.

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There is no organization on the beach as far as beach bars are concerned, this also means no sun-beds and umbrellas. At the entrance to Karidi beach is a new restaurant called Melia, here is also a take away bar where you can get food to take to the beach. We highly recommend trying their unique calamari gyros! Up the road about 400 m is also a pizzeria at Top Studios.

The beach is very shallow like a large sheltered aquamarine swimming pool. The sand is powdery soft and cannot be compared with any other sand in Sithonia. Adults can walk out 50+ meters and the water won’t get past the waist, so this really is the perfect kid’s pool. Even in the end season this beach will be crowded so it’s good to get here early in the day if you want parking and room for your towel.

Orange beach (Kavourotripes)

Orange beach is also called Portokali and Kavourotripes, the later one meaning crab holes. This pretty well describes this beach that is actually many small beaches or small white sand coves that are found over kilometers of coastline. Be brave and explore as there are many small beaches that are difficult to reach and these ones usually have few people.

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The main beach is organized by a beach bar and is overcrowded with sun-beds and umbrellas, by 11am you won’t be able to find an emply chair. People keep crowding in until the cliffs and rocks around have bodies sunbathing in almost every crevice. If you are unfortunate to find a place there are other beaches further up the coast where you may find space to relax. The last couple of years have seen more food stands being set up for the needs of the crowds.

The water is an uncomparible green-blue and very transparent, the sand is powdery soft. Snorkeling around the rocks is also recommended.

Sarti beach

Sarti beach is Sithonia’s pragmatic beach, everything you need is here. The ‘Blue Flag’ Sarti beach seems to have no end, the wide stretch of yellow/white sand goes on for kilometers. The direct view to Mt. Athos is a real distinguishing feature of Sarti beach, you can’t find a better or closer view of Mt. Athos than from here.

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Sarti is a resort that is still developing, but nothing is lacking. The promenade has endless options of restaurants and bars and in the last few years the beach has become quite organized with beach bars that put out sun beds, umbrellas, organized beach sports, water sports including diving. If we are to compare Sarti with other beaches in Sithonia, this one is probably the best rounded out beach of them all.

The water of Sarti beach is not too shallow, not too deep and with a consistent sandy bottom you just want to play all day! Each year, more tourists seem to discover Sarti, but still this massive beach won’t fill up. You can still find a quiet spot to throw down your towel and perhaps not see another soul for a hundred meters or more.

Kalamitsi beach

Kalamitsi beach is considered a medium sized beach and is located on the southern tip of Sithonia. Situated in a beautiful bay, the water is quite sheltered and calm. The bay has a direct opening to the sea, which allows for remarkably clear water.

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The beach is well organized with some great restaurants, trendy beach bars and lots of sports opportunities such as paddle boat or canoe rentals and scuba diving.

There is plenty of space on the beach and most of it is not organized, so if you prefer to throw down a towel and not pay for a sun bed it is an option. The sand is soft, no pebbles here, and the soft sand continues far into the water, making it a great place to play and an option for families.

Toroni beach

Toroni beach in the village of Toroni is an extremely long “Blue Flag” beach that lives up to all the hype. This beach is so large and the tourists so few that it almost always appears to be quite empty. The setting of Toroni beach is quite spectacular with the ruins of the old Byzantine castle – Likythos, as its trademark. At the base of the ruins, the harbor affords some spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities, here you can see the sunken ruins of the ancient town.

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Toroni beach is very well organized with restaurants and beach bars lining the boardwalk and many provide sun beds and umbrellas, but still these are minimal so as not to take away the beauty of the beach.

To walk on the course grains of sand both on the beach and in the water is like walking on a cushion of air. The water in Toroni gets deep quickly, so parents should be attentive to their children, but over all it is a good family beach and is great for swimmers and even fishing in the evening twilight.

Armenistis beach

Armenistis beach has been coined as one of Greece’s greatest camping beaches. With a kilometer of pure sand and shallow water this beach has definitely earned its title and also has the rating as a “Blue Flag” beach. The size of Armenistis assures that you will always find space for your towel and not feel crowded.

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Armenistis is wonderfully organized by the campsite that bears the same name. There is a beach bar that cleverly enough doesn’t take up space from the beach and a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood meals. All other forms of beach sports and water sports can easily be enjoy on this beach and even the odd concert! Toilets, mini markets, coffee shops, you name it Armenistis has it all.

The view from the beach awards its visitors with a dominant Mt. Athos on the horizon. What a treat it is if you manage to rent a beachfront caravan that puts you front and center to spectacular sunrises. If you enter through the campsite you will need to pay an entrance fee which can be used against drink purchases at the bar. To the left of the Camping entrance is a road for free access to the beach.

Kriaritsi beach

Kriaritsi beach is a long bay that is actually 2 beaches divided by a crag. The southern smaller section of beach is frequented by nudists who set up camp over the summer. The northern larger part is also very much a campers beach but the more clothes friendly kind. Facing the open sea, the water is amazingly pure, a delight for swimmers and is rated among Sithonia’s top 10!

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The organized campsites care for a small part of the beach and operate a restaurant and a beach bar. There is another beach bar in the center of the beach which is operated by the taverna about 100 meters behind the beach. Sun-beds and umbrellas are available at these spots as are toilets and showers.

The water at Kriaritsi is deep which means you can get some good waves, but it can also be amazingly calm. The beach drops off steeply and continues to drop off so that just 15 m off shore you can’t touch the bottom. Kriaritsi is also a great beach for windsurfing and kiteboarding or just to soak up the sun. Kriaritsi is a must do destination and not to be left off your Halkidiki beach list.

Kalogria beach

The beach is long and narrow and consists of good soft sand. What makes Kalogria such a lure is actually more the water than the beach. The water is shallow and calm and ideal not just for children to play, but for those who like to swim far out or float on an air mattress. The rock has excellent snorkeling and don’t be surprised to see many novices learning how to dive.

kalogria beach

Lagomandra beach

Lagomandra beach is actually 2 beaches that are considered ‘Blue Flag’ beaches. Located north of Neos Marmaras, Lagomandra beach is one of the more popular ones in the area. The beach is very well set up for water sports and is great if you are looking for some activity.

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The large hotels across the road bring many tourists to the beach, so they manage the beach organization. There is a section on the northern beach that has a beach bar with sun-beds and umbrellas, the rest of the beach is open. The southern beach is where the water sports is organized from. There are tavernas just behind the beach in the pine grove.

Both beaches have soft sand and are fantastic for swimming and floating on your air mattress. The northern beach gets deeper more quickly and the southern beach is shallower. The pine grove is a nice plus, as it offers shade while you can still be on the sand.